LittleLink Custom Themes

Customize the look of your LittleLink Custom instance with themes.Themes allow you to change the look and feel of your site with a few clicks. Users can submit themes they created for everyone to download and use.

Contribute by designing your own themes. You can read more about contributing below.

🖌ī¸ LittleLink Custom Themes

LittleLink Custom themes to customize your personal page.

⚠ī¸ Note that this page contains user generated content
Table of contents:

🌇 Themes:


Author: JulianPrieber

The Mono Theme is a minimalist theme that resembles a terminal interface. Mono has a fixed dark background color and a monospaced font.



Author: JulianPrieber

Galaxy is a dark mode only, minimalist theme. The background consists of a parallax pure CSS animation with a dark gradient and white contrasting elements.



Author: JulianPrieber

Made to resemble the Minecraft title screen as closely as possible. The theme adds a rotating background image. Due to the assets, used this theme can only be used in a non-commercial environment.


Bean Soup

Author: JulianPrieber

Bean Soup resembles the logo of the VR title Beat Saber. This theme features animated button gradients and a glow effect on hover. The page description is used for the blue text, meaning setting a page description is effectively not possible with this theme.



Author: JulianPrieber

A Theme inspired by the game Sea of Thieves. The Theme resembles the look of the game as well as the official website Names, artworks, as well as other assets used may be subject to copyright and belong to the Microsoft Cooperation. Non-commercial use only.


Winter Wonderland

Author: JulianPrieber

Winter themed landscape with a falling snow animation in the background.


🌆 Reskins:

Themes that are simple modifications of existing themes.

LLC Vanilla

Author: JulianPrieber Reskin of: Default Theme

This theme restores the default look and feel of LittleLink. No hover and fade in animations.


ℹī¸ How to add themes

How to add themes to your LittleLink Custom instance

You can add your downloaded themes to your LittleLink Custom instance on the Admin Panel. Navigate to the 'Themes' tab and scroll to the bottom of the page.

Now click on Choose file and select your downloaded theme zip file. Now click on 'Upload theme' and you should be able to select your uploaded theme now.

đŸĢ‚ Contribute

Contribute by making your own custom themes. Read more about this by clicking the link below.

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