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LittleLink Custom is a privately financed project with many hours of work put into making all this.

This project provides users with a plethora of functionality and assets to use. Among other things, users are given access to services available for free. 

These free resources require capital to maintain and operate.

By making a donation to this cause using the methods listed below, you can assist this initiative in achieving its goals.

For any inquires please contact [email protected]


per Month
  • Get a Sponsor badge on your GitHub profile
  • Get access to a shared LittleLink Custom instance hosted on our server



Per Month
  • Logo or name on project website
  • Access to your own LittleLink Custom instance hosted on our server
  • Custom subdomain for your own LittleLink Custom instance
  • Set your own domain or subdomain for your personal LittleLink Custom instance

$  <5

One time payment
  • Support our work



One time payment
  • Logo or name goes in the project README

  • Logo or name goes on the project website

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Liberapay is an open source, recurrent donations platform.


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Buy Me a Coffee

Buy Me a Coffee is an American crowdfunding company based in San Francisco, California, United States. It provides a service for creators to collect donations from their supporters.