Optional email verification

Reading Time: < 1 minutes

I finally added email verification after registration to LittleLink Custom. I wanted to add this feature for a long time. After paving the way with the built-in SMTP server, this feature was a must to implement. I knew there already was such a function implemented in LittleLink Admin, all I needed to do was find out how to enable it. After some trial and error, I could finally get it to work, the only thing I had to do now was to make the feature optional.

For this I added a new value in the .env config file which can be edited from the Admin Panel.

After a user registered, an email is sent to the email used to sign up. The mail contains a verification link which is required to complete the registration process.

This feature uses the built-in SMTP server by default, but any SMTP server defined in the config file can be used.