New logo!

Reading Time: < 1 minutes

I finally got around designing the new logo for LittleLink custom.

At first, I wanted to use the quite nicely done original little link logo, but after some tinkering with logo placements on the landing page, I was unsatisfied with the resolution of said logo.
After some research, I couldn’t really find a high resolution version of the logo that would be sufficient, so I began working on an upscaled logo. After some time I settled on remaking the LittleLink logo in a vector format which turned out pretty nice.

At this point, I got an idea for the direction of a custom logo for this project. I finally came up with the current design and modeled the full thing in Adobe Illustrator and exported it as an SVG vector file.

I will use this logo for this project from now on the GitHub page, as well as in future LittleLink-custom releases. The new logo’s file size is smaller than the previous logo provided by LittleLink, with the added scalability capabilities that a vector image provides.

I still wanted the logo to resemble the original, while still representing the ‘custom’ part of this project. In the end, I came up with the LittleLink “l’s” in front of a gear with a color gradient.

You can find the full version of the logo here

Or see it in action on the LittleLink-custom demo page here