LittleLink Custom Mail Server

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LittleLink Custom and LittleLink Admin have the ability to send emails for things like password resets. This feature has to be enabled in the config for which an SMTP server is needed. Since my main goal with this project is making LittleLink Admin easier to use, I’ve now for a long time wanted to include an SMTP server by default in the config of LittleLink Custom. I looked into free SMTP services, which would all come with limitations which probably would not be optimal for this project.

Since I’m already using a Vserver to host the LittleLink Custom Demo, I figured I could simply use the same server to host my own SMTP server.

After some research, I found out that my original hosting provider didn’t allow SMTP servers to be hosted on their systems, so I had to switch providers. At the end I found a reasonably priced company based in Germany which would allow mail delivery and I could finally set up the new mail server using Postfix.

Mails can only be sent from the SMTP service with the email [email protected] supporting basic TLS encryption. Every email sent by the server automatically get a disclaimer added which is supposed to further prevents this service from being used for malicious purposes.

Now…, I’m aware that it might not be the best idea to host a public SMTP server, but I’m curious to see where this thing will go. I’m kinda hoping for the good of humanity here, but I’m keeping an eye on the whole thing and I will shut things down if it gets out of hand. I do have limits and measures in place to prevent this, but we’ll see how this goes.

As always, I’m paying for this out of my own pocket, so if you wish to contribute to this project to keep this thing running, you are welcome to donate via the means below.

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Read more about the SMTP server here