Built in Config Editor

Reading Time: < 1 minutes

LittleLink Custom now includes an .env config editor. This editor can be accessed via the Admin Panel under Admin>Config. This editor allows admins to edit, backup, download and upload the .env configuration file. All in all, the new feature, allows users to more easily edit the configuration file, contributing to my goal of making LittleLink Custom easier to use.

To make the config easier to read for inexperienced user I changed up the arrangement, regrouped entries and added comments which explain the function of groups and select settings as well as listing all the available option that can be entered (for cases like true or false for example).

For this feature, I implemented the Laravel-EnvEditor by GeoSot into the Admin Panel. I had to modify some bits to make the dark theme work with the user interface the repository comes with. I added authentication via the admin auth middleware.