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LittleLink Custom

Self-hosted open-source Linktree alternative

LittleLink Custom is a highly customizable link sharing platform with an intuitive, easy to use user interface.

LittleLink Custom

What is LittleLink Custom?

LittleLink Custom gives you a personal website, similar to Linktree, where you can organize and share all your important links to social media platforms in one convenient location.

But why try to explain this when you can have a look for yourself!

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This is LittleLink Custom!


Why choose LittleLink Custom?

Feature rich

 LittleLink Custom offers more features than any other comparable solution out there.

Easy to set up

 LittleLink Custom is user-friendly and easier to set up compared to similar web applications.

Open Source

LittleLink Custom is free to use, distribute, and modify.
Our source code is available on our GitHub page.


LittleLink Custom is designed for individuals and organizations who value flexibility and control over their hosting solutions. This service allows users to tailor their setup to their unique needs and preferences, while also ensuring complete control over their data.

Additionally, by hosting their own solutions, users can avoid the potential security risks associated with using shared hosting environments.

LittleLink Custom is a powerful solution designed for individuals and organizations seeking advanced customization and control over their hosting experience. With its focus on stability and performance, this service delivers a reliable and smooth experience. And its user-friendly interface makes it accessible to a wide range of users.

Compared to its predecessors, LittleLink Custom offers a more advanced level of customization and control, enabling users to fully personalize the service to fit their unique needs and preferences. It allows for full control over the hosting environment and data security, which is a significant advantage over traditional shared hosting options.

LittleLink Custom offers a convenient solution for sharing multiple links on social media and other platforms. With its ability to host links on your own web server or web hosting provider, it allows you to add all your links to a single page. This makes it easy to share multiple links on social media, without the limitations of a single link.

You can use this service for personal use or open it up for other users to register and use it as well. Whether you want to share multiple social media profiles, important documents, or any other type of link, LittleLink Custom provides a simple and organized way to do so, without compromising security and control.

To host your own instance of LittleLink Custom, you will need a web server running at least PHP 8.0.

Don’t have a web server? 
No problem! You can use LittleLink Custom for free at demo.littlelink-custom.com

Do you want to use your own Domain or want a private instance? 
Sponsor LittleLink Custom and get free access to your own private instance.

Features of LittleLink Custom

LittleLink Custom is a fork of the LittleLink project that streamlines setup, improves usability, and adds new features. It offers a wide range of features and enhancements over its predecessors, making it the most feature-rich version of the project. The application is designed for ease of use, stability, and performance. It's a great option for individuals and organizations seeking advanced customization and control over their hosted links.

Automatic dark mode detection

LittleLink Custom Themes

LittleLink Custom allows you to easily customize the look of your site with customizable themes. It enables you to choose from pre-built themes or create your own and change the look and feel of your site with just a few clicks. This provides a great way to make your site stand out and match your brand.

Button Editor

Infinite custom buttons with the built in Button Editor

Create custom gradients

Create custom background colors and gradients with as many colors you want. 

Select colors with the gradient tool, and add as many color steps to the gradients as you'd like by clicking on the color slider.

Add custom icons with Font Awesome 

Easy to use Admin/User panel

LittleLink Custom is designed with a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to manage your links.

Code free setup

Compared to other solutions, LittleLink Custom is the easiest one to set up.

Drag and drop installation

Setting up LittleLink Custom can be as easy as dropping the installation file onto a web server.

Admin Panel

LittleLink Custom comes with an intuitive, easy to use User/Admin Panel to manage all your Links, customize your installation and administer your application.

Analytics support

Add third party Analytics like Google Analytics or Matomo to your instance for easy monitoring.

Social share preview

Users personal pages support individualized sharing preview images.

Dark mode

All LittleLink Custom pages support automatic dark mode detection based on the user's preferences.

Built in SMTP server

LittleLink Custom provides users with a free to use Mail server to allow for email verification and password reset capabilities.

No database required

Unlike many other solutions, no external MySQL or other database is required to use LittleLink Custom.

Highly customizable

LittleLink Custom is highly customizable to fit your exact needs.

Download LittleLink Custom

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